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Holiday Season is here and it’s the Season of Giving. What Gift do you give, when you don’t know what to buy? Gift Cards, Of Course!!!

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning us of a Gift Card Scam going on at this period. Gift Card Scams are very popular and occur because Gift Cards are left out on the racks unattended. 

So, What Can you do to protect you from this Scam? Read on for Tips to guard you against Gift Card Scams:

•  Buy Gift Cards from Reputable Stores/Companies that offer Guarantees.

•  Grab a Gift Card from the Middle or Back of the Display and not the Front Row. Some Thieves remove Gift Cards from a Display, record the Card Number and put it back on the Display, waiting for a Customer to buy the Card, while checking regularly online for a Dollar Balance to appear, for them to use the Card.

•  Inspect the Gift Card Packaging before Purchasing. This helps to avoid tampered peeling. Some Manufacturers have been adding special packaging or scratch off Pin Numbers to prevent thieves from being able to look at the cards and stealing the Numbers.

•  Check the Activation Receipt for Matching Numbers and Amounts.

•  Only Check the Balance on your Gift Card through the Site listed on the Back of the Card itself, and if there is none, Go to the Website of the Company and look for a link to the Gift Card Page.

Feel Free to Share and Spread the Message against Gift Card Scams. Enjoy your Holidays. 

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