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Did you File a Tax Extension?

Did you File a Tax Extension? ACT NOW Before It's too late!!! Get all your Documents Ready and Save with your Detailed Tax Deductions.


FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2023 - Tax Filing Extension Deadline for:

- Partnerships

- Multimember LLC Business Tax ( If your Business files a Calendar Form 1065 and filed Business Tax Extension this Year.

- S Corporation Business Tax Extension ( If your Business files a Calendar Year Form 1120- S and filed for an Extension this Year)

MONDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2023 - Tax Filing Extension Deadline for :

- Sole Proprietors,

- Single- Member LLCs

- S Corporation Owners

- Partnerships

- Corporations

Who requested a Tax Extension on their 2022 Tax Return.

Remember, If you're overwhelmed with the tax Preparation and Financial Reports, We are Available to help you. Reach out to us for more Information. Loving What We Do and Always Excited to Help YOU.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT : Our QuickBooks Training Class Session is Still ON......... Call NOW to Book an Appointment.

At Rosyan Bookkeeping Services, We are committed to furnishing you with helpful information regarding your Tax Filings. Feel Free to Call Us on 301-485-8109; 202-422-4586 if you need any Clarification.

We would Gladly Assist you.

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