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IRS Begins Accepting Tax Returns.


IRS Begins Accepting Tax Returns Today - Monday, January 29th 2018.

IRS begins accepting Tax Returns Today, Monday, January 29th 2018.


Highlights to Note:

Even Though the New US Tax Law is in effect, Changes do not apply to 2017 Tax Returns.

Tax Payers can start submitting their Returns to the IRS as From Today.

You may be able to file for Free; The Sooner, you start Filing, the Better, as this is a precaution to Tax Fraud.

The Deadline for this Year's Tax Filing Returns is Tuesday, April 17th 2018.

The Fastest Way to get your Tax Refund is by filing electronically and selecting Direct Deposit as the Method for receiving your Refund.


 The New US Tax Code, which includes the New Tax Brackets and modified Tax Deductions went into effect on January 1st 2018.

This means that even though, it doesn't affect the 2017 Tax Returns, Employees will start seeing a difference in their Paychecks by February.

Let the Tax Season Begin. 

   Need a Hand with your Tax Returns? Need Help with Organizing your Financial Reports? Need Help with your Accounting Software?We are here to help you. Contact us for more Information. 

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