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Our Account Life Saver

Great Expert, Helpful, Responsive & Professional.

I needed help laying out my Business Finances. Rosemary was able to navigate my crazy organization methods and find my best options to get my Company back in Good Standing. I Greatly appreciate the time and Patience she has shown while working with me and look forward to working with her again in the Future. She is Simply the BEST. 

Christopher Morris

TwistedPassion Pools & Maintenance.

Professional, Patient & Timely Reporting/FollowUp.

"I just wanted to take a moment and express my deepest satisfaction and appreciation to Rosyan Bookkeeping Services. Even though, I needed serious catch-up Services, I was never put down or degraded for allowing my Books to get out of hand."

Ms Anyanwu was always Professional and Patient. She answered even the smallest questions, that I had without getting annoyed. She is a Pleasure to work with and delivered services according to the timing agreed upon. We work well together and I will recommend her to my Friends and Family. Thank you, Rosyan.

Elizabeth Brooks

Effervescence LLC

HIGHLY Recommended.


"I HIGHLY recommend Rosyan Bookkeeping Services to help any Small Business owner trying to ensure their books are set up and maintained correctly! When I first started trying to setup quickbooks for my business I had NO clue what I was doing (and frankly I still have a lot more to learn), but Rosemary made time for me and was very patient when i was panicking and helped put my business' books on the correct path. I was literally in her office yesterday taking advantage of her vast knowledge of quickbooks and accounting principles trying to ensure that I stay on track and I am comforted every time I leave that the IRS won't be knocking on my door. If you're looking for someone who is patient, knowledgeable, and willing to go above and beyond to help your business, Rosemary and Rosyan Bookkeeping Services are who you should choose to support you! "


Kevin Stokes, Brand Administrator

Unofficial DC LLC.



Tax Expert & Proficient QuickBooks Pro Advisor.


We had a prolonged issue with the IRS; the issue had been on for almost 3 Years and had been giving us nightmares. We tried a lot of Bookkeepers, Tax Experts and Payroll Companies, but none of them could resolve the issue. Rosemary came on board and helped us clear all our issues; She contacted the IRS on our behalf, prepared the necessary Reports and helped to remove the penalties associated with the issue. She is a Great Asset to any Organization. I definitely recommend her and her Team for your Bookkeeping, QuickBooks, Payroll and Accounting Services. She is very knowledgeable and an Expert in her field.

Thanks Rosyan Bookkeeping Services. We appreciate you.


Dr. Alexander

Health Care Provider.



Professional, Efficient & Timely Reporting/Follow Up.


Recently, I started doing business with Rosemary since I was having issues with my CPA; I called her up and she was very patient and listened to what I had say and she said "no worries" I will take care of everything for you. My company books were behind and she brought my accounting up to date. She is very professional, always return calls and follow up on items that needs attention. I highly would recommend her to take care of your bookkeeping needs.


Shirley Austin

Specified Painting & Decorating LLC.



High Quality Service and Skills


" Rosyan Bookkeeping Services has been handling all of our Church Financial Services for the Past 10 Years. They're an Excellent Company that serves us both Locally and Online". Rosemary is very Trustworthy and dependable. We highly recommend her Services. 

Rev O. Jermaine Bego.

Center Point Baptist Church.


QuickBooks Expert

Launching my business on a shoestring budget a few years ago, I was faced with having to set up my own bookkeeping system. I did so using QuickBooks, not knowing if what I'd set up was even correct.

As a budding business owner, I've been juggling all hats. As a result, I've never been able to stay on top of my books. I would pretty much wait until it was time to file my taxes, and then spend 3-4 four days entering a year's worth of transactions into QuickBooks. I finally had enough of that stress and aggravation!


Searching for a bookkeeping service was new to me, and I was quite nervous and a little unsure about what to look for. I especially had anxiety about the idea of giving someone else access to my financial records. For me, finding someone with integrity -- someone I could trust -- was top priority, second only to their professional expertise and understanding of my business.


Well, I can't believe my good fortune at finding Rosemary. She is TRULY heaven-sent! I was immediately put at ease by her gracious and patient demeanor. During our initial meeting, she corrected all of the QuickBooks setup errors I'd made, brought my accounts current, and even reconciled my bank account (which I never thought to do, nor did I know how).


I really appreciated that she took the time to explain what she was doing, and why the changes she was making were necessary. She even corrected an expense account that I should have been claiming as a deductible expense!


So, not only has she improved my tax position in one sitting, I now also have such peace of mind knowing that my business books are in her MORE than capable hands.


I HIGHLY recommend Rosemary to anyone needing professional, expert bookkeeping services.


Grace Mc Crorie

A Bright I Creative LLC



Integrity & Professionalism

" I have worked with Rosyan Bookkeeping Services for about 5 Years ,and I can truly testify,that she is different from all the other Bookkeepers/Accountants,that I have dealt with.She is a person of great integrity,accountability and detail consciousness.She handles our accounts with great details and utmost care,even taking the time to explain every process and what she does to us.


She is also very professional and knowledgeable in her field.As a matter of fact,I have referred her to two other companies,that have engaged her services and they all testify that she is great."


Tasha Berry.

TBS Facility Services



A Life Saver..............................

" Rosemary started out as a volunteer worker in the Finance Team in the church,and was helping out with the church finance,after a while,we needed someone to dedicate more time to the church Accounts and Rosemary came to our aid.We saw an immediate transformation in our finance team,when she took over,and we are so grateful for this".

She is dependable,reliable,trustworthy,efficient and knowledgeable in all Bookkeeping and Accounting aspects.She is also very easy to work with and has provided services beyond our expectations.We will gladly recommend her services.


Pastor Dele Akanle

Christ Chapel,MD.



Great Asset and QuickBooks Trainer

"My Company had initially enlisted the help of an accountant to set up our QuickBooks Accounting System, and unfortunately, he messed it up and could not fix it; We called on Rosyan Bookkeeping Services, and to our great amazement, Rosemary came to our aid and our QuickBooks Chart of Account was cleaned up and set up correctly in line with our industry operations. In addition, she trained us on how to use QuickBooks to perform various functions and simplified it for us, so much that we are confident to perform most of our Bookkeeping operations with ease".


The great part of all this is that we did not have to break the bank to pay for all these great services. They are very affordable and know what they are doing. I will gladly recommend their services.


Tomieka A.

The Wright Manor LLC.

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